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Checkit is built for teams allowing you to create, customise and distribute your checklists to any number of users.

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Create, Collate, Comply

Checkit is unique among checklist apps offering business-grade features for the creation of checklists, data collation and compliant record keeping.

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Creating Checklists

Create your checklists just the way you want them.

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Collating Data

As your team complete checklists you can quickly collate the data online.

Responses submitted are received instantly in your Checkit account.

You can filter by team member, checklist type, response type or by any other property of the checklist.

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Assisted Compliance

Doing something and proving you’ve done it are different things. Checkit helps you prove you’ve completed the tasks you need to complete in order to be compliant.

Whenever a checklist is submitted, the data input is saved in your Checkit account and is easily retrieved by filtering against any attribute of the checklist.

A good example of where record keeping is essential for compliance is with vehicle safety checks. If you operate a fleet of vehicles transporting goods or passengers, you need to prove they are safe to operate.

Every morning, ask your drivers to complete a vehicle specific safety checklist which guides them through the safety checks that need to be performed.

With the checklist submitted, the driver can proceed while you get a copy of every day’s safety checklist to rely on should the safety of that vehicle be called to question.

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Always Within Reach

Access your Checkit account on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. The app updates instantly across all of your team’s devices.

Checkit is available as an Android and iPhone app.

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